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Jade Needs Your Help!

Jade Needs Your Help!

Jade, a fifth grader, loves nature. On the weekends Jade, her little brother, and her father often go camping. They go canoeing on lakes, sit around the campfire eating s’mores, and wake up to the sounds of birdsong and squirrel chatter. Jade’s favorite camping activity is staring up at the stars on a clear night watching bats swoop and dive as they snap up tasty bugs.

On their last trip of the season, Jade met a park ranger. “He told me that climate change is causing a lot of plants and animals to lose their homes. If the bats can’t live here anymore, kids won’t get to see them.” It was then that Jade knew that the outdoors meant more to her than just summertime fun.  She wanted to make helping the environment a career.

But last week, Jade failed both a math test and a science test. Now, Jade is questioning whether she has what it takes to build a bright future for herself and the planet. “Maybe I’m not smart enough after all.” It tears me up to hear Jade talk about how she is struggling to keep her learning on track due to the uncertainty she faces every day. Jade wonders… does dreaming about the future even matter anymore?

Stories like Jade’s are far too common at Junior Achievement. Real-world learning opportunities to re-instill hope for young people are needed now more than ever.

Our resources are very limited right now, and I could really use your help.

Jade’s classroom has gone back and forth learning in-person and remotely due to recurring COVID-19 exposures at school. “At first, I did alright. But now, I feel like I can’t focus. We are trying to learn a lot quickly. My classes feel like too much too fast.” As the third school year interrupted by the pandemic wears on, Jade struggles to keep up. She wonders when learning will be fun again.  

Today, we need your help to give Jade a life-changing Junior Achievement experience. Your gift will support Jade’s field trip to JA BizTown, where she can become the CEO of a Kansas City utility company for the day and learn how she can reduce her carbon footprint to help the environment. Your support is key to helping her emerge from the pandemic with confidence and put her back on a path to success.

I need to raise $30,000 by December 31st to ensure Jade can visit JA BizTown next spring.

YOU can renew Jade’s motivation to strive for her bright future with your gift. Junior Achievement brings meaningful real-world connection to learning – but we can only reach Jade through your support.

Would you consider making a gift to ensure Junior Achievement can reach Jade in 2022?

Quality education isn’t a luxury, it’s a basic need. As a champion of kids, you already know how important your support is to a young person’s future. Junior Achievement helps kids find their passion and design a promising career – kids like Jade.

Your choice to team up with Junior Achievement means Kansas City kids like Jade can put their dreams into action at JA BizTown. THANK YOU for investing in Jade!

With Gratitude,

Megan Sturges Stanfield

President & Chief Executive officer

P.S. Jade needs your help. I need to raise $30,000 by December 31st to help Jade rekindle her love of learning and envision a bright future once again. Please, send a gift today.


Renew Jade’s motivation to strive for her bright future.

Junior Achievement brings meaningful real-world connection to learning – but we can only reach Jade through your support. Read Jade's story below and make a gift by December 31st to ensure she can visit JA BizTown next spring!


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