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Happy New Year! Here is What Lies Ahead for Junior Achievement in 2022...


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Image caption: "What lies ahead? Innovative and relevant programs that support a new strategic learning continuum for young people..." - Megan Sturges Stanfield, Junior Achievement President & CEO

Happy New Year! A year of renewed energy and potential. I can honestly say I’ve never been more excited for the journeys young people will begin in 2022, powered by their Junior Achievement experiences.

What lies ahead for Junior Achievement in 2022? Innovative and relevant programs that support a new strategic learning continuum for young people along their academic journey to create economic mobility. This will be executed by some familiar and new faces on the Junior Achievement team – you will meet them in future communications. Let’s take a look at Mason’s journey through Junior Achievement opportunities you supported, from classroom to career.  

During his early elementary years, Mason is introduced to the fundamentals of economics, careers, and becomes comfortable with key financial concepts during JA Pathways programs led by his teachers and community volunteers. As his understanding grows, he starts to see real-world connections during trips to the grocery store, family dinners, and birthdays.

When Mason graduates to 5th grade, he participates in more advanced Junior Achievement activities which culminate in a capstone field trip to JA BizTown presented by CommunityAmerica Credit Union. During his middle school years, Mason takes the passions and strengths he identified during his earlier Junior Achievement experiences and explores how they could turn into his dream job. He visits the Career Center located within the Junior Achievement Youth Learning Lab presented by the Mallouk Family Foundation and learns more about the competencies, training, and agilities he’ll need to pursue his goal.

Mason brings this information with him to high school, where the Junior Achievement 3DE model surrounds him with case-based learning. Invigorated by the opportunities to apply his classroom learning to real-world problems, he builds connections to working professionals in the career field that has piqued his interest. Mason strategically builds an educational background and relationship network that enables him to obtain a coveted role in his chosen field after graduation.

Upon graduation, Mason possesses the competencies, real-world experience, and confidence to succeed. Mason enters adulthood prepared to navigate life and has the resilience to overcome roadblocks that may present themselves. The constant in his life? Junior Achievement equipping him with resources, opportunities, and mentors that would otherwise lay beyond his reach.

Mason’s story is fictional – but represents the potential for thousands of Kansas City kids. Junior Achievement is poised to empower young people to embark on journeys like this with your support in 2022. This year, Kansas City children will have the chance to design promising careers and achieve economic mobility. I am honored you will be standing next to them, guiding their paths, and inspiring their futures. Thank you for your dedication to children and catalyzing the Junior Achievement vision for 2022!

Forging Futures Together,

Megan Sturges Stanfield, Junior Achievement President & CEO

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