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JA Champions Promote Economic Empowerment Through Education.


During elections, you have the right and responsibility to weigh in on the direction of our country. It is a powerful opportunity to make your voice heard. While the season leading up to the national elections can feel exhausting at times, nevertheless it provides time to reflect on values and priorities. Together we weigh our hopes for the future as individuals and as a collective nation.

 Participation makes or breaks a movement. Indeed, participation is what makes or breaks our city’s potential for growth and success. The stances we hold as individuals matter little if we do not choose to engage with the world. The differences we have with those around us can be bridged when we agree to work together to find common ground and respect the diversity of thought that is a hallmark of the American experience.

During this time, it can be easy to allow differences in beliefs to lead to tension within our friends, families, and communities. But I’m asking you today, as a role model for the next generation, to keep in mind the shared humanity and right to dignity each of us have in common. Junior Achievement Champions come in all shapes, sizes, careers, economic positions, and political alignments. The diversity YOU bring when you share your unique experiences with JA kids helps them see beyond the small bubble of their home and classroom, allowing them to envision a future of possibility and potential.  

JA champions like YOU show Kansas City the power individuals have to impact their communities with an investment. When you volunteer your time, give generously, and leverage your expertise through Junior Achievement you are voting for a bright future for every JA kid. Voting in elections is an important part of civic participation, but just as important are the actions you take every day to shape the world around you.

Children take cues for their own behavior from the adults around them. Junior Achievement taps into this, knowing that when young people are exposed to successful adults, they learn how to lead fulfilling careers and lives themselves. JA Champions show students how to forge their futures through determination, creativity, teamwork, and communication. Thank you for casting your ballot for the future of kids and the future of Kansas City every time you engage in the Junior Achievement mission.

- Megan Sturges Stanfield, JAKC President & CEO

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