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JA Champions Provide Hope for a Brighter Tomorrow


As I was reflecting this week, I tried to deal with the flurry of emotions that accompanied the news of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's passing, and concluded I have probably been too hard on myself. My personality and perfectionism make it easy to get discouraged about not accomplishing all the tasks on my seemingly endless to-do list.
Maybe you too have felt this way recently. I know you are coping with the many challenges that this year has presented. You are not alone! 2020 has been the perfect storm. Years of sweeping problems and differences under the rug have been exposed all at once. It is a lot to deal with for you, for me, for our community…but especially for our children.
We only have control over our own actions. When the things that need to be done seem overwhelming there is only one choice: to begin. Going into the final part of this year, it is crucial we persist in coming together to build a bright future for JA kids. After spending the past six months working from home, navigating uncertain educational paths, and seeking social justice and equity, burnout and exhaustion might seem inevitable. But taking a moment to regroup, prioritize, and identify the next step can help us persevere.
JAKC is here to partner with families, educators, and YOU. Being present and active in your community has never been more important, and we are committed to helping you maximize your impact. The pandemic has made the gap between those thriving and those struggling increasingly evident. Some industries flourish while others are crippled. Some lives have maintained relative normalcy while others are crushed beneath debt, job-loss, and housing insecurity.
As an educator, lawyer, and Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg spent her career promoting equal opportunity. By investing in JA, you support this same philosophy. You safeguard children’s paths to becoming engaged citizens who have the tools to thrive and rise to any challenge. While the struggles of today seem insurmountable at times, investing in a child’s future is a sure way to a more certain tomorrow for them and for our city.
Children desperately need hope in this time of uncertainty. When you are looking for ways to invest your time, talent, and treasure, I urge you to consider how you can leverage your generosity to provide Damian, Alejandra, Shae, and other JA kids hope for their futures. Thank you for showing up every day as a JA Champion and doing the hard work. By keeping the future of Kansas City's youth at the forefront of your actions, you are showing your commitment to a better tomorrow for everyone.

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